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Gotham City Drupal

97 Himrod #3L
Brooklyn, NY
United States
Company Size: 
1-10 employees
Vertical Markets: 
Computer Hardware / Software / Services
Financial Services
Health Care
Life Sciences
Solution Areas: 

Gotham City Drupal is a young but growing Drupal development co-operative located in New York City. Our goal is to enable a small group of closely-knit, like-minded Drupal professionals to collaborate / cooperate to find and retain relationships with quality clients and their projects, bringing the highest degree of professionalism and standards to the work, while promoting and contributing to Drupal within the development and client communities. When it comes to actually doing the work, standards and interoperability are the highest priorities. We meet or exceed drupal.org's standards for quality coding practices, while also breaking new ground and contributing back to the community where the opportunities arise. We specialize in Social Networking sites and Non-Profit Organizations, CiviCRM integration and Social Communities organized around brand awareness and evangelism..

We consult with C-level executives and Marketing Directors to provide technical solutions for their business needs, present a recommendations portfolio and then execute on those recommendations, end-to-end. We see many organization's Web site as the most underutilized (and often wasteful) resource, and our goal is to implement solutions which allow the site to become the principle source of business intelligence, with customized data reporting and a focus on usability and integration with contact relationship managers (CRMs) like Salesforce and CiviCRM.

Drupal is our Swiss Army Knife of Choice, and we leverage manage small-to-medium-sized teams of developers and designers to accomplish these goals, usually in a virtual team environment. We are highly-skilled professionals that have perfected a rock-solid working relationship over several years and many successful projects, and who are equally dedicated to contributing to the Open Source community. We are equally adept at working side-by-side with experienced developers who are new to Drupal, rapidly creating an environment in harmony with the community principles adopted by drupal.org and providing training in Drupal best practices.

Our process often involves using Drupal in a variety of ways well in advance of the actual site execution. Due to Drupal's wicked fast time-to-market capabilities and overall flexibility, we are often able to use Drupal itself as a wireframing and prototyping system in early days, exploring technical solutions at at a point in the project inconceivable in any other environment. This whole process allows for maximum flexibility and for highly effective and aggressive production schedules with minimum risk of last-minute nasty surprises.

We typically build Community and Social Networking sites, and are always looking to the future to see what kinds of nifty new integration opportunities are coming; what new technologies are emerging. We are always looking for opportunities to help companies realize their vision by utilizing Drupal to its fullest potential and to break new ground in functionality, elegance and user experience while adhering to Drupal best practices and SOPs. Areas of interest and experience include Health Care, Mobile Apps, NPOs and NGOs and Social Networking.