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Good Medium, Inc.

Toronto, ON
Company Size: 
1-10 employees
Vertical Markets: 
Media and Entertainment

Good Medium is a forward-thinking web agency. We focus on helping our clients understand how the convergence of technology + marketing creates a strategic edge that helps them meet or exceed their business objectives.

We specifically undertake web & enterprise content management, eCommerce and portal initiatives for our clients.

Who are we?
We are strategist, marketers, technologist & designers. We are high energy folks. We are highly involved with our families, friends and cohorts. To enable our clients with the right blend of technology solutions to create a strategic advantage makes our juices flow. We get a kick out of crystallizing the most complex strategies and ideas into simple and easy to understand concepts that can be put to work using the right mix of technology solutions!

How do we work?
We bring intelligence and enthusiasm into everything we do at work. We sit on the client’s side of the fence from conception to deployment and beyond. We take an insider approach to solving client needs. Specifically, we spend time to understand our client’s business, their technology setup, processes, market space and competitive landscape before recommending solutions. While defining solutions, we map our client’s end customer touch points with internal processes to ensure a perfect fit. Learn more about our perfect fit approach.

The Perfect Fit Approach
We believe all companies work differently. The unique combination of technology mix, processes and people at companies present strategic advantages and areas of improvements. It is therefore imperative that we spend time to understand all aspects of the client’s business and the desired impacts on end customer before recommending a technology solution that helps our client’s meet or exceed their business objectives.