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com4dev - The community of opportunities for development

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What is Com4Dev ?

Com4Dev is a web-based platform that aims at building a dynamic, interactive community of Donors, Public and Private sector Organisations and Companies across Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP).
Com4Dev allows users to Network and share Information on Regions, Countries, Organisations, Companies, Programmes, Projects, Opportunities, Events, People, Studies, Reports and Best Practices.


Com4Dev was created under the Proinvest programme, following a needs analysis of Private Sector Development Intermediary Organisations (IO’s) and stakeholders across ACP.
A Core User Group of IO’s and consultants from ACP countries have been testing the platform and their inputs have been taken on board to achieve the first Live version of Com4Dev, launched on 26 January 2011 in Brussels.

Current applications on Com4Dev

The current existing functions of Com4Dev include:

  • Creation and Publication of Standard Profiles for Intermediary Organisations (IO’s), Donor agencies, Companies
    and People
  • Affiliation of Companies and People to IO’s
  • Creation, Publication and Management of Events and Participants, including match-making
  • Networking between People and/or Organisations and/or Companies
  • Creation, Publication and Management of Programmes, Calls for Tenders and Proposals, Projects
  • Creation and Management of interactive Collaboration Groups
  • Following topics and subjects of interest
  • Posting blogs on topics related to private sector development in ACP countries
  • Toolkits for Financial Management, Websites, Promotion & Marketing, and Member Management
  • Search and filter facility for all the above on multiple criteria (geographical, thematic, category…)