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rue de la loi 82
Bruxelles 1040
Company Size: 
More than 1000
Vertical Markets: 
Energy / Mining / Natural Resources
Financial Services
Manufacturing & Engineering
Solution Areas: 

Engineering employs over 7000 people, with 40 office locations in all regions of Italy and major municipalities, as well as in Belgium, the United States, Brazil, Argentina and Republic of Serbia.
The company counts over 5.500 permanent technical employees performing IT services.
The management of the company counts in total 1.138 Project Managers as sum of 277 employees at ordinary staff level, 678 middle managers and 183 managers.
Since 1980, the Group has continuously grown at higher than average market rates. This growth was possible due to a dual strategy that boosts the capabilities of in-house resources, combined with a targeted acquisitions policy according to business and vertical market sectors.
The success of the company and its expansion has led to the acquisition of several competitors: OIS-Olivetti Sanità (2002); Caridata (2004); Nuova Trend (2005); Neta (2006); Atos Origin Italia (2008); Xaltia (2008); T-Systems Italia (2013).
Engineering holds a domestic market share of 7%, with 12% of its sales taking place abroad, thanks to consolidated business activities in Europe, the US and Latin America.