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Asset resource center is the application of online assets. An asset is basically a digital resource or asset, consisting of a file and a set of associated metadata. This application currently has about 30,000 users and manages more than 300,000 assets. It has among others the following features:

- Storage of assets. The system is multirepositories and can store and retrieve assets as MediaBin repository, CRX, Alfresco or even remote filesystems.
- Finder assets. It allows faceted by different metadata fields, management of searches by relevance, size, date created or modified, type, searches, etc. It also allows use open search criteria with logical operators and offers suggestions in search results.
- List of similar assets by relevance, based on file-level analysis associated with the asset, metadata and previous searches performed on this asset.
- Preview files document type (pdf, Microsoft office, pub, OASIS, etc.) and multimedia (streaming audio and video embedded players).
- Grouping of assets in virtual folder, you can copy, export to pdf or excel or share with other users, or anonymous platform
- Download of assets in different formats, with the ability to transform images in real time and perform rescaled, cropping, reformatting , transparencies, etc ...
- Management of metadata, versioning, workflows work and "deploy" or publication across platforms and social networks.

In terms of architecture, Asset resource center integrates the following elements:
- User Interface (UI): Drupal Pressflow 6.24
- Motor Index: Solr 4.5,
- Communication channel: ICMS + JAVA
- Repositories: MediaBin + CRX + Alfresco
- File Storage and CDN : Amazon S3