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Leonard, Street and Deinard’s inspiration and values have held true since 1922. Whether representing an individual, a start-up company or a Fortune 500 corporation, the Minneapolis law firm works to understand client needs, stay focused on goals, and provide wise counsel and practical advice.


Leonard, Street and Deinard’s website needed a significant update: the current design and setup did not reflect their strong legal knowledge base and tradition of responsive, trusted service. Individual sections were not adequately called out, lacking the images and visual details that would best convey their themes. Content was scattered throughout the website, difficult to find and did not have a sense of consistency or cohesion. The way their categories, biographies and articles were set up isolated information, rather than tying it to the other resources behind them.


Drupal provided the strong organizational capabilities and ease of use necessary to help them keep their content accessible, searchable, and visible throughout different sections. In addition to migrating them to a content management system more suited to the law firm’s needs, Duo’s design team brought the site through a full rebranding; creating a layout that highlighted key areas and illustrated a sense of confidence without detracting from the information.


Using Drupal’s Views, Blocks and Modules, Duo’s developers created a system that made possible the efficient addition of articles, images, and biographies in various formats and locations throughout the site. Visitors have a variety of ways to locate and filter content. Beyond these basic improvements, site managers were given the ability to associate different types of content with practice areas and industries: for example, viewing an attorney’s biography, one could easily access any resources they had authored or were mentioned. Likewise, while viewing an article or news update, the authors and/or attorneys mentioned as well as categories associated with it appear as visible links. The benefits did not stop with the backend: pages were arranged in a way that allowed viewers to interpret multiple sources of information without feeling cramped or overloaded. The site’s aesthetic was enhanced with dynamic images and a clean, professional look.

Leonard recognizes that their site is a tool, keeping them on the cutting edge of technology and online practices, and because of this plans to further expand its functionality.