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Lake County Forest Preserves School and Scout Programs

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A microsite within the larger organization, Lake County Forest Preserves School and Scout Programs offers expertly guided, hands-on school and scout programs throughout Lake County. In addition to field trips, they’ll come to your classroom with their in-school programs.


Historically, Lake County would send out program information to teachers (their primary audience) in printed form, creating unnecessary hassle , confusion, and paper waste. Their primary purpose in this project was to make this content available online in an appealing, easily accessible format.


Given the nature of their existing CMS, it made more sense to create the School and Scout Programs as a microsite. Drupal fit for a number of reasons, a large one being the high degree of control Lake County wanted over their content and need for mass seasonal updates. Using Views to categorize the programs and Panels for landing pages, Duo’s developers built a backend capable of pulling different types of content and organizing them in a variety of ways. The new CMS allowed for a slightly different look and feel, clearly distinguishing the site from its parent and giving it the structure to stand alone.


Drupal provided a simple, effective way for Lake County to organize and update their content. Focusing on straightforward architecture worked well with the project’s tight deadline (it needed to be live before the beginning of the school year) and budget requirements. It is much easier to find events and thanks to the Google Maps module, to locate them.

Overall, Lake County is extremely pleased with the web site’s outcome, and is interested in using Drupal for future projects and initiatives. Throughout the process, they remained communicative and receptive, eager to explore Drupal’s options but able to differentiate between add-ons and necessities. The extremely quick development cycle illustrated the efficiency potential in implementing Drupal “out-of-the-box”.