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LaGrange District 102 is a public school district located in Cook County, IL, covering parts of La Grange, La Grange Park, and Brookfield. A diverse community rich in tradition, the district is committed to ensuring that all students develop the academic abilities and personal attributes necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world by providing an exemplary curriculum delivered by exemplary educators within a respectful and responsive environment which meets the needs of the whole child.


LaGrange came to Duo with a Drupal project in mind, wanting a solid base from which they could build and expand. Already somewhat knowledgeable with Drupal’s processes, they were aware that they would have to reconcile a short timeline and tight budget with their broad vision. Duo’s project team helped pare down their ideas to a distinct level of deliverables and functionality.
The current site was static and out of date, difficult to maintain and navigate. The design and backend configuration was very basic, resembling an outline more than an in-depth website.


The Organic Groups and Taxonomy modules were instrumental in building a base from which to organize the different schools, and manage the numerous types of users that would access the site. Different types of content could be filtered by user and school, making it easy for visitors to access only relevant and appropriate information. The ability to use LDAP integration for users and groups within the administration tool, and to import from LDAP, was also an important part of managing multiple subsets of users with unique content needs.

Originally, design was going to be limited to minor modifications of the existing theme, but throughout the project it expanded to include repurposing their logo and creating a highly stylized web site. Revamping the template was not without its challenges, but Duo was able to work jointly with LaGrange to improve the background and layout, creating a clean, easily navigable interface.

Many design and development decisions, as well as training, were determined through a series of working meetings. This allowed Duo’s development team to walk through configuration and setup options with LaGrange as they worked through implementing them.


LaGrange wanted to further take ownership of their site, and through Duo they succeeded. Coming in on time and within budget, the site was launched in just under two and a half months. In addition to greater self-sufficiency granted by Drupal, they have acquired Acquia membership and will continue to host their site.