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The Cara Program – Website Redesign
Founded in 1991, the Cara Program is a Chicago-based non-profit that empowers men and women to secure and sustain quality jobs and achieve long-term success. The Cara Program sought a new website that engaged visitors by delivering key information that was clear and concise.

We needed to tell the story of The Cara Program concisely, so that new users could orient themselves without having to wade through pages of content. We also needed to provide users detailed information when relevant. Duo recommended simplifying the main navigation into 3 buckets: a discovery bucket (What We Do); a metric bucket (The Impact), and finally, a call to action (What You Can Do). Within each bucket, we provided two tracks for accessing information, a fast track with optional deep content. This content strategy allowed users who skim information to skim more effectively, and those doing in-depth research to easily access full pages of information.

We attended motivations, met volunteers, and toured classrooms. We understood the Cara Program was all about movement: movement to take your life in a new positive direction. We were inspired and set out to make sure the site design captured the energy and movement of everyone involved. We developed UI patterns like the infinite image scroller attracting the user with vibrant imagery. We also placed the private and commercial donors into a ticket stream on the bottom of each page, to show how their contributions help keep the program running.

CiviCRM was chosen because organizations like The Cara Program’s benefitted greatly from a CRM solution, as opposed to a few forms that just capture data. Custom reports on this data could then be generated be exported in various formats, for potential import into desktop applications. We are excited about this award-winning site - and look forward to serve your organization with the same energy as Cara.