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175 Varick Street
New York, NY 10014
United States
Company Size: 
1-10 employees
Vertical Markets: 
Financial Services
Health Care
Sports / Recreation
Solution Areas: 

We are storytellers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers,
technophiles, producers, social media mavens, thinkers, dreamers, marketers. In other words, people who love to make stuff.

What We Do
The real question is, what don’t we do? For starters, we don’t do
dental anesthesia, upholstering, reed/wind instrument repairment and/or tuning, acupuncture, soil conservation, or beekeeping.
Instead, we specialize in digital experiences and products across web, tablet and mobile devices.

Sometimes we add an extra sentence or two to make sure that the copy aligns with the first column. If you think this is a waste of time, just skip to our project section – that’s where the real magic happens.

How We Work
Think of us as an extension of your team rather than a vendor.
Working together is a beautiful love story where we meet, fall in love, communicate, set expectations, learn to trust each other, and work together as a team. As one of our time’s greatest philosophers and basketball players – Michael Jordan – says: “Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.”

Our process is a transparent and iterative, so you’ll always know when and why we are researching, brainstorming, concepting, sketching, designing and programming.

What We Believe
A company without a philosophy is like a ship without a compass. Our agency is built on the premise that it is possible to make a
creative playground rather than a production factory. The equation is simple: happy people create joyful digital experiences.

We are lucky because we have many creative brains from different cultures that we smash together in a process called neural fusion (in contrast to neural fission). It releases an immense amount of creative energy - ƒ = n30n2 <σv> - that dissolves ego and hierarchy. The neural fusion theory is widely accepted in the non-scientific world.