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90 Oceanside Dr.
Nashville, TN 37205
United States
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1-10 employees
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At Designated Developers we build market-facing websites on the Drupal platform, with custom developed modules/plug-ins and themes.

We're experienced working with both B2B clients and nonprofit private clients. See how we can help you and your company

You've rebuilt your site twice in the seven years since you started your nonprofit organization. Your newest site update somehow forgot to include a payment processing capability, so your foundation still can't receive online donations. You're wasting valuable time and money working to redo your website, instead of your website working to bring in resources you need to keep doing good work.

At Designated Developers we help nonprofits customize their websites while staying within budget. The Drupal platform enables us to downsize your costs by automating the basic framework of your site, leaving valuable budget space for the creation of custom code unique to your needs. Through a dynamic customized Drupal Content Management System, your organization can make updates and changes to your website without paying a developer. New page additions, the overall look or "theme" of your website, and many other seemingly large changes can all be made with just a few clicks, and no extra dev budget.

Payment processing and high security sites are some of our specialities – you can know that your donor finances are safe when they contribute through modules we build.

Your business doesn't need to be rebuilt every year so neither should your website. We build tools that last.

Your offshore team just returned a big project, and now your in-house team is spending another week fixing the code. You've essentially just paid twice for the same work, probably because of a language barrier that led to a miscommunication about your outsourced developer's skills or the project scope itself. It'd be nice to get the job done right the first time, right?

We at Designated Developers help other development firms swiftly complete both small- and large-scale projects. We are well-versed in current e-commerce platforms, we excel at each level of the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP), and we use version control for all our development.

Just need a few new modules installed while your lead dev is out sick?

We're here for you.

Have a payment processing feature with which your in-house team is inexperienced in coding and doesn't have time to learn about?

We're here for you.

Drop that mouse into our hands.

We're a stateside company and English is our native tongue – communicating with us is easy, and we're used to the hectic pace and extreme confidentiality of white label and B2B projects. Work with us and we'll build tools that work for you the first time.