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1-10 employees
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Computer Hardware / Software / Services
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Health Care
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Community + Surveys + Ideation Contests = Community-Box CSI

Embedded Open Source Solution

By introducing the Community-Box CSI, for the first time we can offer you a community platform allowing you to optimally tap into the knowledge of your employees, clients, and suppliers and use it for yourself and for a faster innovation process!
The decision is yours whether you want to go online with our preconfigured Community-Box CSI or with a version adjusted and tailored individually for you!

The basis of the Community-Box consists of the standard functions necessary for running a community. Part of that are open, moderated, and private groups, discussions, user profiles, messaging and activity systems, options for uploading media items like pictures and videos, and the possibility to comment on and rate content.
If necessary, apart from discussions further content types will be available, such as documents, questions & answers, polls (single multiple choice question), and a wiki for user generated content.
By means of different user roles, the access permissions within the community can be managed. The predefined content types and user roles can be modified or complemented by new ones.

In case a simple poll (single multiple choice question) does not meet your demands, a complete survey software can be implemented into the community.
For that purpose, we use the open source solution LimeSurvey offering all functions and types of questions of a modern survey software while being free of license costs.
The surveys are created via the administration interface of LimeSurvey and get integrated into the community platform afterwards.
In case you will ever want to survey a target group outside of the community, of course you can do so using a standard function of LimeSurvey and the domain made available.

Ideation Contests
Use the open innovation potential of your clients, suppliers, employees, interested persons, in other words your community.
Start ideation contests for questions and problems that for a lasting and faster innovation process cannot be solved with business internal resources exclusively. Open up your innovation process to the outside world and gain new impetus for the development.
During the first phase of the idea competition, ideas are submitted which will be rated and annotated during the second phase. Finally, the best ideas can be awarded and passed on to the next step of the innovation process.

Three Arguments for the Community-Box CSI and for the crowd-creation GmbH:

1. No License Fees
By using open source software, no license fees will accure and you are not bound to any provider.

2. Drupal and Drupal Only
We use nothing but the content management system Drupal and its distributions for our work. For our Community-Box CSI, Drupal is used as well.

3. We Are There for You
For us the project is not over upon completion. We will support you over the entire lifespan of your community solution or your website.

Visit us: https://www.crowdcreation.de