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Axeda is a provider of an industry-leading platform for machine-to-machine applications. More than 150 of the world’s most successful companies rely on the Axeda Platform for their M2M software needs.

Like many CommonPlaces clients, Axeda came to us with a large and increasingly unmanageable collection of online content. They needed a new site solution that made this content more manageable both for site visitors and site administrators. We recommended a Drupal-based solution, which would empower them to curate their ever-growing library of online resources.

Now that the Axeda site has launched, they have the ability to add, remove or modify the many case studies, white papers, videos, press releases, and other content they offer. The new Axeda.com is also an attractive and easy-to-navigate destination for Axeda's customers.

The Axeda.com site represents the second time that Axeda has partnered with CommonPlaces. In 2010, Axeda contracted CommonPlaces to build the Axeda Developer Connection, a knowledgebase and resource area for developers who use the Axeda Platform. The Axeda Developer Connection was also built on the Drupal platform