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Clean New Look For Water In Africa

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The Global Ethics head of Marketing, Mark Spall, came to us with a great new site proposal. Global Ethics are a small charity, based in Holborn, central London, who sell a small range of products, all the profits of which go to relevant charities. For example, One Water is a bottled water product and profits go to introducing Play Pumps to remote villages in South Africa to provide fresh water. One Condoms are another One product, the profits from which go to fighting AIDS in Africa. You get the idea. Lovely, no?

Their old website was mainly promoting their original product, One Water, but they were looking to do much more than that. While the primary goal of the website is still product promotion, the new products included are One Vitamin Water and One Condoms. We also added all manor of new "social" features, such as competitions, a new look to the voting elements of their "nominate a hero" concept, location-based information about stores and generally more means for people to interact with the website.

Not only was the module selection and configuration a thought-consuming process, it was also a theming (Drupal-speak for applying the designs to the underlying web application) challenge. We think you'll agree the designs are lovely (thanks to Jamie at Spencer Creative) but they were tricky to build. Ultimately it was a grand job though, and huge thanks to the guys at Atomic Ant for doing a chunk of the theming too.