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Chess Media Group

San Francisco, CA
United States
Company Size: 
1-10 employees
Vertical Markets: 
Media and Entertainment

Chess Media Group is a social business consultancy that focuses on two practice areas:

1) Social-Collaborative Workplaces - Helping companies understand how to develop social strategies, deploy social technologies and enable internal collaboration (enterprise 2.0) to achieve business success.

2) Social Business Communities - Helping companies tap into the value of social media networking (web 2.0) to harnass customer interactions that drive business value and business objectives.

With offices in San Francisco and Calgary, we are proud to have some of the brightest people in the industry working with us, and working for our clients. Our team has unparalleled skills when it comes to social business, marketing, industry analysis, technology development and statistics. We love what we do and do what we love. It shows in our work.