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Carr Systems

5012 Marshall Crown Road
Centreville, VA 20120
United States
Company Size: 
11-50 employees
Vertical Markets: 
Financial Services
Health Care
Solution Areas: 

Everything Carr Systems does aspires toward one fundamental goal: To implement technology solutions that actually meet the needs of its customers.

That may sound a bit simplistic. After all, don’t ALL technology consultants deliver ‘solutions’? Well, if our experience is any indication then the answer is an unequivocal ‘no.’ Too many organizations today are hamstrung by the very technology that was supposed to help them. Worse, they’re usually dependent on the same vendors that put them in that position.

Each of the service areas list below is aimed at meeting our customer’s needs, scaling in conjunction with their internal growth, and leaving them independent of any pesky, pricey vendor commitments. You know, solutions.

Consulting & Planning
We like to say that the thinking that goes into technology investments is as important as the technology itself. We like to say that because it’s true. If you don’t think it right (so to speak), it isn’t going to be right.

Data Management
Today’s organization creates mountains of data. Carr systems focuses on helping its customers collect, combine, search, filter and transform that data into business intelligence.

Custom Development
Business is dynamic and depends on equally dynamic technology to help it grow. We design, develop and implement custom applications that meet our customers’ existing – and future – needs.

Open Source
Carr Systems loves open source because it provides our customers with a scalable, affordable, dynamic, widely supported, customizable and easy to maintain solution that simply works.