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Bullseye Portfolio

The Bullseye designed and built website was to be a key element in an overarching communications plan developed for the NSW Telco Authority to communicate to key stakeholders. Its objectives were to:

1. Create an integrated web site that projects a consolidated and consistent image that portrays Telco as a professional, well managed and innovative authority serving the needs of the NSW Government radio users.

2. Increase visibility of Telco activities, products and services.

3. Inform stakeholders about the Telco Authority – particularly its rationale, role, functions, operations, benefits, governance and management, products and services, policies and strategies, latest news and innovations and future projects and initiatives.

4. Provide features that encourage interaction with the Telco authority and provide business/service feedback through functions such as a ‘report a fault/coverage problem’ option. (helpdesk or trouble ticket module)

5. Provide trouble shooting advice in the form of a comprehensive QandA for users of Government mobile radio services.

6. Provide the opportunity for users to register for news and announcements including network status updates (scheduled maintenance, outages etc)

7. Encourage mobile radio user agencies to contribute to the development of the radio environment in NSW

8. Promote successes and distribute news

9. Provide an online repository storage and download of outward facing public documents e.g. annual reports

The site was created by Bullseye http://www.bullseye-digital.com/