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URL: http://www.onespace.org.uk/

It is known that separated or divorced families are on the rise.
In 2010, 119,589 couples divorced which was a 4.9% increase since 2009 – the data is yet to be released for 2011 but there is expected increase. With these separated families comes numerous issues, from financial decisions to psychological problems, single parents can suffer in many ways.

One Space is a website commissioned by the Single Parents Action Network (SPAN) which offers 121 expert advice and other resources for single parents. Thewebsite acts as virtual supports group – a lifeline to many single parents.

One Space came to BrightLemon to increase the level of user engagement and to create effective resources to help support single parents.

BrightLemon achieved this by building a set of educational online courses and a new design. This increased traffic to the site and exposed over 16,000 users to key information.

Both SPAN and the users of One Space have voiced how effectiveBrightLemon’s updates have been.

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