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Malware on your users website devices decrease your sites conversion rate and steal from your ad & affiliate revenues.

Brandlock is a Patent pending service for web publishers to protect them against the impact of Malware and Adware found on the web visitor devices. Unlike anti-virus and firewall applications we offer a solution that the publisher places in the HTML of their web page that intercepts malicious scripts on the user browser level, preventing their ability to take users off the conversion path, render hijacked banners, intercepted affiliate codes, or pop-ups targeting purchases.
By negating the impact of Malware and Adware on the site, Brandlock eliminates false affiliate charges, ad revenue hijacking, increases conversion rates and reduces the load time from affected browsers. By eliminating banner hijacks, Brandlock protects the integrity of the site brand along with the performance of the ads they serve.

Our tech team has won multiple industry awards and are thought leaders in the security space with multiple patents.

In the examples below we can see how Adware on the end user device can effect conversion. The screenshots show adware showing competing websites which have the same product for less. Industry stats state that upto 72% of the users have some sort of Adware on their devices