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SelfGrowth.com Ranked Top 50 Drupal Site

SelfGrowth.com is online self-improvement community that provides quality information about great resources for people to improve their lives.

The SelfGrowth community boasts almost 250,000 self-improvement resources that include articles, websites, experts, products, events, and videos on topics of success skills, relationships, health & fitness, money & careers, mental health, spirituality, and lifestyle. The site includes interviews with top self-improvement professionals, such as Tony Robbins, and fascinating personalities, such as actor, Will Smith.

4 years ago, SelfGrowth approached Blink Reaction, a leader in Enterprise Drupal Development, to update their HTML website from a basic static site to a dynamic interactive community. Blink wanted SelfGrowth to move to Drupal because it offered improvements on performance, scalability, functionality, and community building. Blink Reaction migrated over 50,000 HTML pages to the Drupal CMS, a huge task! Currently, the site runs Drupal 6.0, but over the past 4 years, has migrated from Drupal 4.7 to 5, and now version 6 as new features and performance enhancements came available.

Today the site receives over 1,500,000 site visitors a month and has a community of 400,000 members. The SelfGrowth community provides an open forum where members can discuss all types of areas of interest, can invite friends, find self-improvement experts, share articles and events, and find the best self-improvement items such as books, tapes, and videos.

Members can subscribe to various topics and follow experts and will receive email updates on a weekly basis as changes occur. User points are a way of recognizing and rewarding the most active users. Each time a user completes specific actions – from rating websites to commenting on videos to adding people to the expert network – members receive user points.

As the website and community has grown over the years, Blink Reaction did extensive performance tuning and optimization on the SelfGrowth website, including Drupal add-ons like Pressflow core, Varnish external caching, Memcache with Memcache module for cache tables, CSS and JS aggregation, the Blockcache alter module to better control blocks caching configuration and cache flush triggers and the Parallel module to serve CSS (and images defined in CSS) and images from different no-cookie domains (cdnX.ac.sgstatic.com). MySQL server was tuned and the User Interface Optimized using YSlow and Firebug. A Multi-server redundant environment was established to ensure uptime.