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Blink Reaction Portfolio

The Challenge:

Beauty Systems Group (BSG) a subsidiary of Sally Beauty Holdings Inc.,
NYSE: (SBH) is a network of retail stores and professional sales consultants selling exclusive professional salon brand products to licensed beauty professionals.
The BSG Training Department was in the midst of creating its first intranet community portal using a Drupal platform. When the technical team encountered development roadblocks, they turned to Blink Reaction to solve complex challenges and make their vision a reality—before the fast-approaching President’s annual meeting.

The Solution:

Blink customized Drupal’s technology modules to present BSG with a highly interactive, easy-to-navigate intranet site featuring:

  • An exclusive community portal where employees can connect and share information with fellow colleagues across the globe
  • One-of-a-kind search options
  • Live videos
  • Blogs and forums

At the company’s annual President’s Meeting in 2009, the the new intranet site was introduced to several hundred employees and received a standing ovation for the introduction of this new technology.

Technology Breakdown:

  • Organic Groups (OG)—was the most important module used as it limited access to content depending on user roles and group membership.
  • Drupal Custom Module--og_access_join extended the Organic Group’s access control module with 'join group' permission. The use case for this module is a vendor user role on BSG. Vendors cannot join groups directly but must be assigned via the administrator.
  • User Relationships module manages friend relationships and requests.
  • A Facebook-style Statuses module allows users to share their current status information with friends and also view their friends’ updates (using views module).
  • In the Community section, we custom-built the Connect with Others feature, allowing users to search for colleagues based on geographic location, interests and professional expertise.
  • Dynamic Display Block module promoted the content slider on the home page and group pages.
  • FAQ module out of the box offers easy-to-read, direct information.
  • Users can also use the internal messaging system for private messages and messaging modules.
  • User Points, Rules and User Points Top Contributors modules were used with some modification to feature the most active contributors within the site and specific groups.