Company Size: 
1-10 employees
Vertical Markets: 
Computer Hardware / Software / Services
Media and Entertainment
Solution Areas: 

BETACONCEPT was founded in 2005 in Greece.
In 2011, BetaCONCEPT LIMITED was incorporated in Dublin, Ireland to host the company HQ and management team.
BETACONCEPT LIMITED targets the Irish and international market by providing the company products as cloud services.
The Greek Company serves the Greek Public Sector customers and hosts the development team.

BETACONCEPT is a software vendor. Its main product is ASTROBOA, an innovative "Data-as-a-Service" platform.

ASTROBOA provides data services which cover the complete lifecycle of information management, from dynamic modeling to automated exposure of information as web resources.

The services are available to end-users through a web application (Astroboa Studio) and to application programmers through the provided RESTful and SOAP APIs.

All stored entities, entity properties and relations are automatically exposed as web resources. Entity Types can be created and updated dynamically through the API or Graphic UI (Operate as you go). API calls generate XML+XML Schema, JSON, RDF+OWL Schema, EXCEL, CSV, HTML. Security can be defined at the level of individual entity instances through user roles.

ASTROBOA Platform is open sourced with an LGPL license (http://www.astroboa.org).
It is offered with different annual support packages and with professional services for sizing, installation, fine-tuning, information modeling and web site/application building.

ASTROBOA Cloud will be soon available to allow businesses manage and share their data in a multi-tenant, highly-available, auto-scalable platform with low cost and minimal effort.