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As a leader in the entertainment world, NBCU has hundreds of web properties that require constant attention. The cost of maintaining proprietary CMS software and the restrictions of those applications led them to Drupal. The Telemundo division of NBCU contacted Achieve Internet for help on their HolaMun2.com property. HolaMun2.com is an English language Latino focused Pop Culture website directed at the 13 to 18 year old demographic.

One of the first projects Achieve was involved in was a Photo Gallery module for the website. Like so many Drupal modules Photo Gallery is dependent on a number of other Drupal modules, specifically Registration, Commenting and Permissions. Pretty images are nice however the member experience is always the most important aspect of any Social Networking website. Within membership Permissions are one of the most commonly under developed modules in Drupal. Achieve Internet has taken over development of dozens of websites over the years and almost every project requires us to completely rewrite Permissions.

Another aspect of the HolaMun2.com website was their search. Even though the out-of-the-box Drupal search works fine for smaller sites, large volume Enterprise Level websites should not be using the Drupal search. Achieve Internet installed and hosted a Solr Lucene search solution for NBCU which increased performance and the overall user experience.