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Program requirements

Acquia Partners must leverage their direct and indirect sales teams to sell products, services, and solutions in conjunction with Acquias portfolio. The partners investment in its own sales resources, training, and initiatives is the most critical success factor for the partnership. As part of the ongoing management of the relationship, Acquia periodically evaluates three
metrics of the partnership:

  • The health of the partners business and their ability to serve our joint customer base;
  • The number of subscriptions influenced by the partnership, and the revenue resulting from this influence;
  • The number of Acquia certified or approved/recognized technologists and or consultants employed by the partner; and
  • The partner's score on customer satisfaction surveys.

Minimum requirements for all three of these metrics are listed in each subsection below and consolidated by level and category of partnership in Appendix A.

Commitments to the minimums must be met, and reaching higher levels of achievement can give partners added benefits. For events and programs that have limited partner content or with space limitations, Acquia will take these metrics into consideration. These metrics may also influence the priority status of partners for the allocation of customer leads.