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Principles of the program

The Acquia Partner program is based upon the following principles:

  • Open to all. The Acquia partner program is unlike other partner programs in that it is designed to serve all types of solution providers–not just the largest firms with the most to invest in the relationship. The Drupal community succeeds due to the hundreds of contributors to Drupal, and many of these contributors work independently or in small contract firms. Acquia intends to support these individuals and firms as full members the partner program.
  • Meaningful commitment. Alliance programs often degenerate to marketing exercises that offer little more than pleasant testimonials and the display of logos on each partys web site. Acquias program expects a meaningful ongoing commitment from the partner and promises the same from Acquia in return.
  • Customers come first. Acquia and the partner are expected to serve the customer first. We hope that the best thing for the customer will always turn out to be the best thing for the partnership, but understand that there are times when both parties will need to put their customers need ahead of the relationship.

The program is designed to further these principals as well as the mutual success of Acquia and our partner community.