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Lead referral and sharing

Many customers and prospects approach Acquia with an interest in a complete solution including other software and services that partners are best equipped to provide. In these cases, Acquia will refer the lead to the appropriate partner to complete the solution. Acquia will make partner introductions to prospects, depending on their level in the program.

Leads are targeted at partners based on the following criteria:

  • Project budget. The overall budget of the customer project will be used to determine at a coarse level which partners it will be offered to.
  • Vertical domain. The best solution is often provided by a partner with detailed knowledge and experience with the vertical domain of the problem. Acquias lead referral targeting places additional weight on the vertical domain to assure a close fit.
  • Solution complexity. Partners will have varying levels of experience with delivering and managing complex solutions. The complexity of a customer solution is also weighted to ensure a match between the experience of the partner and the end customers needs.
  • Customer size. The skills required for project and expectations management at a global enterprise often differ from those required within a small startup, and vice versa. To assure a good fit between the partner and customer, Acquia includes the size of the customer as part of the targeting criteria.
  • Geography.  In spite of the flattening of our world, projects often require face-to-face meetings as they proceed. To assure availability with minimal cost, geography is also considered as part of our lead targeting. It is weighted down relative to other criteria.