Our Very Own (Give Great Ideas A Voice)

OVO was founded in July 2017 by a Product Strategist, Experience Designer and Solution Architect. We wanted to form this company based on a simple premise; use Human-Centered Design and Lean Start-up methodologies to help organisations solve the right problems and get more ideas into the market. Working with us really boils down to 4 key areas: Strategic Partnership - We provide strategic guidance on the best course of action to capitalise on opportunities and plan for the future Experience Design - Solutions are brought to life with the aim to create positive change Balancing desirability, feasibility, and viability End-to-end Delivery - Projects are run by the OVO team with light involvement from our partners from beginning to end. Continuous Value - Launching something is just the start. We look for partners who want to evolve what they’ve got. Our aim is to ensure we are making the right design decisions based on customer, business and technology needs, not cannibalising one for the other, but finding that sweet spot of between desirability, viability, and feasibility to create great, products and services.