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500 Harrison Ave. Suite 5R
Boston, MA 02118
United States

Vertical Markets
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Genuine is a full-service digital agency, and an Acquia Preferred Partner.

We bring experience design to brand development. We help our clients successfully navigate the digital future by building agile brands that stay culturally relevant. Our collaborative “Invent Together” process harnesses a diversity of perspectives to create memorable experiences and campaigns that drive measurable results.

Founded in 2004, Genuine has been a member of the global Interpublic Group of Companies (IPG) since 2014, and works with brands around the world.

Genuine’s Drupal team includes seven Acquia Certified Developers, one Grand Master and one MVP. With Acquia solutions, Genuine has built high performing and award-winning experiences for many clients, and we have been awarded the prestigious Acquia Partner Site of the Year awards, as well as 2017's Engage award in the High Technology Category.

Genuine makes regular contributions to the Drupal community including hosting the monthly Boston Drupal Meetup, industry speaking engagements, and maintaining Drupal modules, and hosting Global Drupal Sprint weekends.

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