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560 Harrison Ave
Boston, MA 02118
United States

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560 Harrison Ave
Boston, MA 02118
United States

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Founded in 2011, we created a company based on a core set of values and turned them into a single aspiration - build the best experiences possible.

Our core services include:

Omni Channel Strategies. With an overarching digital strategy in place, a road map for your multi-layered eco-system can be designed focusing on specific experiences delivered to the right users.

User Experience (IA/UX). A successful experience begins by understanding the user’s mental model. The closer that a solution's architecture is to a user's mental model, the easier it is for users to accomplish his/her tasks.

Creative. While it is important that your site is on brand and looks great, its appearance is just one piece of the puzzle. The key is to implement a design that is appealing, but insures user goals can be completed.

Emerging Technologies. At Consensus, we don’t miss a single tech trend, and invest our time and money in digital R&D. A result of this investment is captured in our current technology tools.

Measurement + Decision Sciences. Our dedicated team of data scientists perform all of our analytics operations at Consensus. Managing Google analytics and technologies, developing KPIs and configuring analytics platforms are all key aspects of our analytics work.