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The Acquia Sales Foundation Programme

The Acquia Sales Foundation Programme is designed to give sales representatives the foundation skills they need to successfully position and sell Acquia products and solutions. This programme will deliver the core sales tools to clearly articulate the Acquia value proposition, including selling fundamentals and product overviews. This programme is designed to help Acquia partners to be successful early in your partnership, so you can start realising revenue quickly. This is also a partner programme requirement for Ready, Enterprise and Select partner levels.


Complete 11 online courses on Acquia products through our LMS platform. This includes listening to interactive videos and completing short assessments. Don’t stress – all courses are interactive and about 20 minutes long (each).

At least two people from each company need successfully pass all 11 courses in order to fulfil the sales aspect of the partner programme requirement.

These are the course titles. The are split in two areas: Fundamentals and Acquia Product Overview:

Fundamentals #1 - How Websites are Built
Fundamentals #2 - How Websites are Hosted
Fundamentals #3 - How Open Source Works
Fundamentals #4 - Acquia Overview
Fundamentals #5 - Top Customer Stories
Fundamentals #6 - Industries we sell to and why
Product Overview #1 - Drupal Overview
Product Overview #2 - Acquia Network
Product Overview #3 - Acquia Cloud
Product Overview #4 - Drupal Commons
Product Overview #5 - Site Factory

If you have any questions on the Acquia Foundation Programme, please reach out to partners@acquia.com.