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The Drupal Business Summit brings together business leaders and technology strategists to learn about Drupal-powered solutions. You'll see examples of Drupal-in-action, lessons learned, and hear about best practices. You’ll discover how smart investments in the leading open source content platform returns immediate business benefits and also continues to pay dividends for years to come.

Below are sessions from past Business Summits, but be sure to check out upcoming Drupal Business Summits in your area: Upcoming Drupal Business Summits.

When Your Site Can't be a Joke

Martin Coady is the Directory of Technical Strategy at VML. He leads a team focused on analyzing the key business and technical issues driving the evolution of digital marketing as well as developing the company’s long range technology strategy.

In this presentation, Martin discusses the reasons that VML has widely adopted Drupal as their open source platform of choice when building websites. Drupal offers creative and development teams unparalleled flexibility to achieve their creative vision, while providing an architecture that scales to meet his clients' needs. Martin showcases a number of sites built in Drupal, including the multi-lingual Cartoon Network sites across Europe, Constellation Energy, LG and more. Drupal gives the VML team a powerful engine to innovate on the front and back-end of a website, making it an agency friendly marketing platform for his clients.

Case Study: Florida Hospital

Learn how Florida Hospital and Acquia partnered to replace an existing legacy CMS and deliver a core Intranet architecture to support 100 separate but standardized Drupal sites used for collaboration and content management within months.

Florida Hospital, with 8 campuses and 2,188 beds, is an acute-care medical facility operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It serves as a community hospital for Greater Orlando and as a major tertiary referral hospital for Central Florida and much of the Southeast, the Caribbean and Latin America. Adventist Health System, Florida Hospital’s parent company, operates 37 hospitals in ten states making it the largest not-for-profit protestant healthcare system in the United States.

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Making the Business Case for Drupal and Open Source

George DeMet

Web content management in the olden days consisted of server side includes, perl, custom PHP, ASP, CFM, whatever else you can think of and search & replace. For early CMS options you had, proprietary systems (Vingnette, TeamSite, and Documentum), free and open source systems (OpenACS, PHP-Nuke, TYPO3 and Mambo) or the last option is create your own.

The upsides of using open source software are, lots of functionality, community support, thousands of eyes looking at the code, bugs and security holes actually get fixed, easier to identify talent and instant karma. The perceived downsides of open source software are, lack of understanding and/or fear of open source licenses, lack of commercial support options and it's free so how good can it be? So, what is Drupal?

Industries using Drupal

B2B Market Impact at the Speed of Light!

Joel Hughes, Scranton Gillette Communications
Fred Salchli, DUO Consulting

Scranton Gillette Communications had 2 months to turn 35,000 XML files into 3 fully functioning websites, learn how they accomplished their goal with Drupal.

Step 1: Data Migration.
Step 2: Information Architecture & Design.
Step 3: Results.
Step 4: Lessons learned.

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