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DrupalSouth 2014

Vrijdag, februari 14, 2014 (Hele dag) tot zondag, februari 16, 2014 (Hele dag)
Wellington, New Zealand

DrupalSouth 2014

We're proud to be a silver sponsor of DrupalSouth 2014!
This event will deliver three jam packed days of world-class sessions, training, talks, code sprints and networking opportunities with developers, designers, business and community leaders from the global Drupal community. The conference will take place at the Amora Hotel located in the heart of Wellington's compact CBD and within a short walk of the many cafes, bars and other attractions that the city and its harbour are known for.

This event also marks a 'coming home' for longtime community activist Jeffrey 'jam' Maguire. jam originates from Wellington and will deliver the Sunday keynote at the event.

Below are our speaking engagements:
Speaker: Jeffrey 'jam' Maguire
Session Title: Keynote
Date & Time: Sunday, 16 Feb, 9:00am
Link: Click here

Speaker: David Peterson
Session Title: Better User Experience Through Personalisation
Date & Time: Saturday, Feb 15th, 1:30pm
Link: Click Here

Speaker: Adam Malone
Session Title: How to Not Fail on Launch
Date & Time: Sunday, Feb. 16th, 11:30am
Link: Click Here

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