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Haverford College

Acquia Engage Award 2016 Finalist

Haverford College


Haverford College needed a more manageable website for its team. With a previous website that was static with no underlying content management system, departments had to involve Haverford’s web team to make even the simplest changes and updates to text on their behalf. Requiring knowledge of HTML and CSS for simple changes is not scalable. It also runs the risk of altering the page’s structural format and appearance, and potentially breaking the site. For its new site, Haverford needed an interface that was accessible and approachable for non-technical users built on a robust platform that provided a best-in-class content management system that allowed customization at the department level.


Haverford College chose Drupal as its CMS, Acquia Cloud for development, delivery, and management, and digital agency Last Call Media to execute its site migration. Last Call Media and Acquia used to a series of Drupal modules such as Panelizer Module, Organic Groups Module, Workbench Moderation Module, and Panels In Place Editor to improve manual processes and make it easier for non-technical users to make changes to the site. With Haverford’s new site, departments can update and manage content on their section and through editorial workflows, changes can be routed to the web team for review and approval before becoming publicly available. Teams can instantly create pages with custom layouts in the UI and see the effects that different grid settings would have on the site in real time, without any code or risk of breaking the site.


  • Since Haverford’s site was migrated to Drupal, Haverford has found executing web updates and tasks to be smoother, more dependable, and easier.
  • Acquia and Last Call Media have saved Haverford massive amounts of time and effort.
  • Haverford departments can be more self-sufficient.
  • Acquia is serving around 1.5 million requests per month on average.
  • The number of applications to Haverford College have increased since the previous year.

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Haverford College