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The Smarter Way to Communicate with Users

Evergage is a user engagement platform built to help any web business better understand and respond to user behavior. Use Evergage to track, analyze, and score user engagement and respond accordingly with data-driven on site messages and personal outreach. Create a personalized, seamless user experience that drive more leads, converts more sales, and creates happy customers.

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Start better understanding and responding to user behavior today with your 2 month free pilot. Your users will thank you for it, and so will your bottom line.


Engagement Tracking

Track any kind of metric or KPI and see both aggregate and individual results for any kind of end user.

Engagement Scoring

Create an engagement score based on visits, metrics, and KPIs. See how active a customer is at a glance.

User Segmentation

Behavioral segmentation is a breeze to setup and runs in real-time. Turn big data into big customer insights.

Nightly Status Alerts

Notify sales and support of users in need of attention. Follow any segment and receive nightly alerts.


Increase engagement with data-driven on site / in-app messages that personalize the user experience.

Powerful Integrations

Push and pull user data with popular platforms like Salesforce, SugarCRM, and Force.com. Integrate with Acquia with ease.

Easy Installation

Integration shouldn’t be your day job. Anyone can fully setup in minutes with our point and click visual editor.


Drive More Leads

Solutions are available for helping convert leads, but few help drive leads in the first place. Evergage does both.

Ease Onboarding

The best place to help new users with onboarding is in-app. Walk them through setup each step of the way.

Convert Free Trials

Guide trial users to a successful user experience, leading to more paid conversions and upgrades.

Prevent Churn

See the signs of churn before it’s too late and discover how you can help users be successful.

Increase Lifetime Value

Promote upgrade options, upsells, and cross sells to highly engaged users most likely to convert.

Leverage Top Users

Turn happy customers into brand evangelists by asking them to share your solution with others.

Showcase Features

Highlight new or rarely used features to increase and test usage with specific user segments.

Personalize Content

Tailor content to individual users based on their preferences, viewing history, purchase behavior, you name it.

Improve Your Product

Fully understand current feature usage, so that you can make informed product decisions your customers will love.