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Acquia Dev Desktop

Jumpstart for local Drupal development

Acquia Dev Desktop is a free package that installs Acquia Drupal on Windows and Mac OS X. It combines core Drupal with useful modules (Acquia Drupal) and the supporting software needed to run it ("AMP stack"). Sites maintained on Acquia Dev Desktop easily transfer to hosting providers, including Acquia Cloud.

What's in it?

Acquia Dev Desktop comprises:

  • Acquia Drupal: An extended distribution of the open-source Drupal social publishing system
  • Apache web server: The world's most popular web server
  • MySQL database server: The world's most popular database server
  • PHP: The language that powers Drupal
  • phpMyAdmin: A popular in-browser database management tool
  • Dev Desktop Control Panel: A multi-function tool that shows server status, exposes configuration files and logs, and provides control of your sites.
  • XMail Server (Windows only): Allows your site to send e-mail directly. (Mac OS X has this functionality built in.)

How do I get started?

Download Acquia Dev Desktop for free, refer to its documentation and FAQ for help, and start assembling great websites today!