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Conference Organizing Distribution

Conference Organizing Distribution (COD) is used for building conference and event sites online. COD is built on Drupal, the highly-regarded open source content management system. COD is an open source software project led by Acquia.

What can you do with COD?

  • Get a complete conference and event site, that you can then customize.
  • Sell tickets or event registration (or allow free signups). Full e-commerce is included, if you want to sell workshop attendance or physical goods too.
  • Collect user-submitted sessions/talks. Attendees can vote on sessions to help you assess the popularity of each session.
  • Display a robust configurable event schedule, with multiple tracks.
  • Collect and display sponsor logos, with links to dedicated sponsor pages).
  • Change the look with your own custom theme or a pre-built theme.

COD Jumpstart

Acquia's COD JumpStart is a fixed price consulting engagement from Acquia Professional Services. Acquia will work side-by-side with your team providing mentoring and development. We can help you:

  • Define your technology strategy
  • Architect a scalable, secure solution
  • Learn how to use COD to achieve your goals.

Where COD is used?

We have a long list of sites built with COD, including many DrupalCamps, DrupalCon Chicago, the Meego Conference and the Brisbane Innovation Camp 2010.


Download the complete COD package. This includes Drupal 6 core software, contributed modules, COD Features, and COD configuration.