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Stacy Wray

Senior Support Engineer
Acquia, Inc.

Stacy is a Senior Support Engineer providing support for all Acquia Cloud customers. She has worked closely with Acquia Cloud Site Factory for over 2 years, and is a product expert for Acquia Lift. Stacy provided overall support and forum moderation for the Drupal Gardens product for almost 5 years until product retirement in 2016. She's been involved with Drupal since 2009 when she began as a customer support lead for one of Acquia's oldest Drupal design and theming partners, TopNotchThemes.

In addition, Stacy has been a project manager and SEO content writer for a small Drupal shop in the south of France, as well as contributing documentation for the Drupal for Facebook Project.

Stacy works in the Portland office. In her spare time, she loves to cook spicy food, sing, take long road trips, and write language poetry. She might have to re-learn how to ride a bike to fit in with all the cool kids. :)