Acquia Support gives credibility to the Drupal open source platform

In his new position as Vice President of Digital Technology at eScholastic, Aiden Colie recognized an immediate need to recommend a new Content Management System (CMS). Colie remembers, “We have a very small technology team. We needed an open source product with a solid community behind it, a CMS that was flexible and easy for our editors to use. We decided to go with Drupal.”

“Acquia was extremely valuable to us when we were first launching and working our way through some challenging Drupal problems.”
— Aiden Colie, Vice President of Digital Technology at eScholastic

How they did it

Colie and his team soon connected with Acquia for Drupal consulting. Colie recalls, “Acquia came to our aid a lot in the beginning. As we got started with Drupal, it was important to be able to go to them with questions. Through Acquia, we scheduled meetings with experts and hashed out solutions for some particularly difficult challenges with our initial implementation. It was great to have Acquia to lean on as we were getting out of the gate, launching our first couple of implementations.

“We relaunched the Scholastic Teacher section of our site in the fall of 2011. It’s a more flexible site than the previous one with more innovative resources. The content is now refreshed on a daily basis. As a result, we’ve seen a nice bump in the number of visitors.”

The results

Scholastic is now planning to transition more sections of their site to Drupal. Colie says, “We’re moving our Parents area to Drupal right now, and we plan to move the section for children to Drupal in the fall. Several of our business units are also interested in moving their pages to Drupal. By this time next year, we expect to have greatly expanded our overall Drupal implementation at Scholastic.”

Drupal distributions combine Drupal core software, contributed modules, and pre-defined configuration. Colie continues, “We’ve built our implementations carefully for reuse. We’re planning to create a Scholastic distribution for Drupal, so that when a unit wants to create a new Drupal section, they’ll have a base to start from.

“Acquia’s support of Drupal makes us glad we chose the platform. Acquia does a fantastic job of supporting the community, which is crucial for an open source tool. Knowing that Dries Buytaert, the founder of Drupal, is there with Acquia is a big bonus.
“The meet and greet sessions Acquia sponsors have been fantastic. I’ve been to a couple of sessions attended by Dries and had a chance to talk to him about the future of Drupal. It’s reassuring that Dries is such a forward-thinking leader, always looking to keep Drupal on the leading edge.

“The community here in New York is extremely strong. I’ve attended several Drupal events in the city and served as a panelist at the last DrupalCamp. It was a great experience. The sessions were amazing, and the number of people to network with and to share thoughts and ideas with was beyond my expectations. When you go to those events, meet up with so many people, and see the success they are having with the product, you know you did the right thing.”

Acquia does a fantastic job of supporting the community, which is crucial for an open source tool.
Aiden Colie, Vice President of Digital Technology

Company Information

World’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books and a leader in educational technology and children’s media
9,500 employees
Drupal user since 2011
Acquia client since 2011