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Acquia Cloud sustains crush of page views

The anxiously awaited website explodes with over 1.5 million assets being downloaded from the content distribution network alone.

14 July 2011—JimmyPage.com Launches. The anxiously awaited website explodes with over 1.5 million assets being downloaded from the content distribution network alone.

From the 1960s to the present, Jimmy Page’s music led the rock movement in artistry and innovation. Since then, the Led Zeppelin guitar legend had long envisioned a dynamic online presence on which to tell his story. Though unofficial websites are devoted to his career, Jimmy knew that only he could make his journey real for his fans.

“I wanted to make sure it was right and there was a balance to it.” – Jimmy Page.

Unlike traditional sites, Jimmy wanted to provide a deeply personal venue. An “On This Day” page, for example, showcases a different event from Jimmy’s career. Updated every 24 hours—a pioneering method to keep fans engaged—most of the events are presented as multimedia, and they’re always accompanied by Jimmy’s personal commentary.

Those who want to see more can use “On This Day” as an entry point to scores of video footage, images and audio clips, as well as unseen photos and previously unreleased tracks, demos and home recordings. All for the price of a free registration!

Ultimately, Jimmy plans to include an online store selling limited-edition items, some of which he’ll personally autograph.

Like Jimmy Page himself, his site emits organic energy. Therefore, early on the decision was made to develop the site in a modular fashion, allowing for easy changes to both its structure and content. Open source Drupal provided the modularity and flexibility.

Add in the need for handling highly variable loads, and the clear choice was an open source solution—Drupal—hosted on top of the Acquia Managed Cloud platform.

“Well one of the team who is working with me, Matt Proud [ie:music], said he never experienced anything like it, where someone has been that helpful and working that diligently on it. But then, I guess, that’s how I do things.” – Jimmy Page

How they did it

The enormity of the project required a team of experts. Jimmy Page worked with ie:music (http://iemusic.co.uk/), a leading artist management firm to plan and design the site together and produce the content. Drupal development experts, the Deeson Group (http://www.deeson.co.uk/), built the website and provided new features and consultancy, while JimmyPage.com itself lives on Acquia’s Managed Cloud platform.

Acquia Managed Cloud is optimized for Drupal performance, and seamlessly manages both the ongoing dynamic content changes and data growth. Its elasticity ensured that the site did not fail during a globally awaited launch.

The results

During the pre-launch phase, visitors to JimmyPage.com were able only to access the landing page, which was populated with a count-down-to-launch timer. The countdown created vast media buzz, which led to a ready-made community of fans anxiously awaiting the website’s completion.

Post launch, JimmyPage.com enables fans to connect to Jimmy on a more personal level than ever before. He remains involved in all aspects of the site, ensuring fans have access to his personal archives of photographs, digital transfers of demo tapes (back to multi-tracks) and memoirs.

When the website went live, fan excitement led daily growth in user activity. As traffic increased, Acquia quickly spun up servers to maintain stability, and their enterprise- level support engineers have been and continue to be available 24x7 to help with any unforeseen issues.

Ultimately, the success of JimmyPage.com lies with the human bonds it creates, whether between Jimmy and his fans, or between the fans within the JimmyPage.com community. With Jimmy’s strong, ongoing involvement, the capable team behind him, and the Acquia Managed Cloud platform’s infrastructure, there’s many years of further success to come.

Having 24/7 Drupal support delivered as part of hosting means that you know the site is fully covered when you see big traffic surges.
Tim Deeson
Deeson Group

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