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Drupal and the Semantic Web

With native support for RDFa incorporated into the latest major release, Drupal adds the platform services for an entirely new and smarter generation of web-based applications, one designed to exploit the linked data capabilities of the semantic web. Drupal-powered sites can now leverage the predefined schemas from Schema.org, an industry initiative to standardize the categories and term sets for commonly used items across the web.

Drupal makes it easy to incorporate the linked data schemas defined by Schema.org into enterprise applications. Drupal readily manages the content together with the relevant term sets. The results are automatically shared among machines to solve business problems. Application developers can focus on delivering business solutions by aggregating content from disparate sources. Using Drupal, developers do not have to be concerned with the application-level details of capturing, organizing, and maintaining metadata.

As a result, businesses can readily weave together information from disparate sources to deliver the smart solutions that save time, provide critical insights, and create business value.