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Drupal for Government

Open, trusted, secure Drupal solutions for government

Two rock-solid Drupal distributions jumpstart your government site. Choose OpenPublic for easy-to-administer public-facing sites, or Commons to encourage social interaction among staff, constituents, and policymakers. Both are open-source, thoroughly tested to be reliable and secure, and fully supported by Acquia. Whichever you choose, there's no better solution for government.


OpenPublic is the Drupal content management system for government. Tailored for building government and public policy websites, OpenPublic has an intuitive dashboard complete with pluggable features allowing for quick site customization of features and functionality for your site.

OpenPublic supports everything from local library systems to federal agencies. In partnership with Phase2 Technology, Acquia offers complete support, hosting and remote administration to help government and public policy institutions deploy and operate their OpenPublic sites.

OpenPublic is used by Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Start Up America Partnership, and Santa Clarita Library Systems, and many others.

OpenPublic for Government

Customize for federal, state, and local government

Single-click selection of beautiful, modern themes that come as part of the package — or you can apply your own custom design.

OpenPublic for Government

Build your foundation with stringent security

Government-level needs form the foundation of OpenPublic. Built to handle high-profile, high-traffic, and high-security requirements all while helping make government more participatory than ever before.

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Drupal Commons is the better way to social. It's everything your organization needs — collaboration, community, and more — at a far lower total cost than proprietary software. Its standards-based architecture makes it flexible, while its rock-solid security keep you in control. Whether your community is public or private, Commons does it.

Commons improves engagement with tools to reach out, reply to concerns, and track trends. And since Commons is based on the popular open-source CMS Drupal, you can integrate other sites to meet objectives set forth in Open Government Initiatives.

Commons is used by the U.S. General Services Administration, World Economic Forum, U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency, and many others.

OpenPublic for Government

Foster citizen participation and public awareness.

Gain ideas, support, and feedback in a managed environment. Blogs, wikis, and ratings encourage interaction help let you collect information.

Multi-agency Collaboration

Enable multi-agency collaboration.

Inward-facing Commons communities break down walls between people and departments. A system of fine-grained permissions coupled with industry-proven security lets you create a private, safe environment that you control.

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