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Free hosting for Drupal community sites

To support the Drupal community, Acquia provides free Acquia Cloud Hosting to non-commercial organizations promoting Drupal adoption and usage. Acquia also provides free hosting to exceptional open source- communities that are making a positive difference in the world and whose sites run on Drupal.

Who qualifies?

Acquia provides free hosting to non-commercial Drupal organizations with a track record of giving back to and promoting the Drupal project. For example, sites like Drupal Camp websites and local Drupal user group websites both qualify for free Acquia Cloud Hosting. In the interest of showing off the best that Drupal has to offer, websites should be of high quality, in both form and function, to qualify for this offer.

What do you get?

  • Acquia Cloud infrastructure for your site
  • Load balancing, high availability and scalability, and built-in redundancy
  • Varnish Caching by default
  • 99.95% Site Uptime
  • Hosted Git repositories for code management (SVN available on request)
  • Separate Development, staging, and production environments

Acquia Cloud resources

There are more videos, webinars, and other useful resources about Acquia Cloud in our resources section.

What do we ask for in return?

The footer section of each page needs to display:

  • the following text: “Drupal community hosting powered by Acquia Cloud
  • and an Acquia logo (that we provide)

Where do you apply?

If your site meets the criteria to qualify for Acquia’s Free Hosting program, fill out the form below. Requests for free hosting will be reviewed for eligibility and then once approved, you will be contacted with your Acquia Cloud account details and further instructions to get up and running free Acquia Cloud hosting!

Details about your Drupal community site
Who is applying for free hosting (user group, event team, etc.)?
Describe the site you'd like Acquia to host (Drupal Camp or event site, user group homepage, etc.) and tell us anything else we need to know about your situation.
Your name and contact information