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Drupal Migration - Drupal Business Summit

The Drupal Business Summit brings together business leaders and technology strategists to learn about Drupal-powered solutions. You'll see examples of Drupal-in-action, lessons learned, and hear about best practices. You’ll discover how smart investments in the leading open source content platform returns immediate business benefits and also continues to pay dividends for years to come.

Below are sessions from past Business Summits, but be sure to check out upcoming Drupal Business Summits in your area: Upcoming Drupal Business Summits.

Migrating a top 100 Website to Drupal 7 and FOSS

In this presentation, Michael Myers, CTO at Clarity Digital Group walks through Examiner.com's migration to Drupal 7. With over 42,000 content contributors, Examiner.com has enjoyed some of the fastest year-over-year growth of any online media company. Examiner.com has demonstrated a long-term strategic vision to leverage social media for improving online news distribution models. This commitment has directly led to the large-scale migration of the entire Examiner.com site to open source Drupal.

This case study highlights how Examiner.com's migration to Drupal 7 has effectively improved their search engine and page load performance, community interaction and user engagement, and the elimination of all costs associated with server licensing fees.

Drupal in the Enterprise: A System's Integrator's Perspective

In this presentation, Tony Rems, Managing Partner at ThoughtMatrix, discusses how his web development firm made the switch from proprietary, closed web content management platforms to open source Drupal and the resulting impact on his business. He discusses how client demand for both lower cost, better innovation and faster time to market has resulting in a groundswell for open source Drupal as the platform of choice. Tony walks through two case studies, including the use of Drupal at Expedia, and the future of Drupal in the enterprise.

The Stanford Crucible - Innovation, Plurality and Drupal

Zach Chandler, from Academic Computing at Stanford University, gives a presentation on how Drupal is used across Stanford University. Zach discusses how Drupal's open philosophy and architecture match the organizational culture at Stanford, leading to the platform's success across more than 100 websites.