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Digital transformation is sweeping across every industry. Take the City of Los Angeles, for example.

As the second largest city in the United States, the City provides almost 4 million citizens with access to important services and information. But a legacy web platform made for a clunky, disjointed, and ineffective user experience. The City of LA wanted to seize a golden opportunity to obtain a platform that was cost-effective, easy to use, feature-friendly, and supported a federated organization. This led the the City of LA to Drupal and Acquia.

Higher Education institutions using the open source Content Management System Drupal are capitalizing on the opportunity to deliver digital experiences that are more personalized and relevant, and they're doing it faster than ever thought possible through the power of the assembled web.

Vrijdag, 13 maart 2015 uur tot dinsdag, 17 maart 2015 uur
Plaats: Austin, TX

The Acquia Team will be in full force at SXSW Interactive this year. We have three speaking sessions, are co-hosting the main Drupal event of Interactive and we'll be hosting meetings over the five days we're on site.

Most advice to improve Drupal site performance is aimed at developers and DevOps folks. In reality, many Drupal sites are built by site builders using flexible Drupal modules rather than custom code. This webinar is designed to give site builders the knowledge and tools to enhance the performance of their web sites without ever touching PHP or the command line. The Drupal community is already rich in modules and best practices that can significantly improve the performance of any Drupal site, now it’s time to take advantage of the community’s hard work!

With each day, the buzz is building around what Drupal 8 can do and how it is going to impact your site and business goals. Members of the Drupal community and beyond see Drupal 8 as a great bridge for Drupal to other technologies that are object-oriented and leverage 3rd party libraries across different platforms.

Drupal 8 presents an opportunity to showcase the skills you have developed and make the work you have done more applicable across different platforms and projects.

The time is now to think ahead with Acquia. Top digital strategy consultants, agencies, and systems integrators are building their businesses with Acquia to take advantage of the market momentum behind Drupal and Open Source. Don't be left behind.

Join the digital revolution with Acquia and our open cloud platform that is helping clients create new revenue streams, lower costs, and engage audiences more deeply through content, community, commerce and context.