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Time to Consider Open Source for Digital Experience? Forrester thinks so...

A few months ago, we began discussing some options with Forrester research around getting a refresh on how Enterprises are now using Open Source platforms for Digital Experience. We worked with Forrester in true partnership to create a customer survey that was constructed to dig deep to understand... 1) What are the main challenges in 2012 regarding Web Content Management systems, who are the key stakeholders and where are organizations struggling? 2) How are customers using Open Source today and what are some of the differences and similarities between open source and proprietary solutions? 3) For large organizations that have adopted open source for Digital Experience successfully, what is their guidance from a best practices perspective to the market?

The results that came back were intriguing. I'd like to highlight some of the key takeaways from Forrester:

1) Open Source offers solutions that allow for more customization and flexibility.
2) Open Source offers advanced integration between WCM and other solutions to support "best of breed" digital customer experiences.
3) Open Source success goes beyond cost reduction and needs to be evaluated for Digital Experience and business benefits more than simple TCO gains.
4) Security is a concern for all deployments. You need to understand the myths and reality surrounding open source security concerns.
5) Actively evaluate open source WCM. Don't let past biases sway your decision, many gaps have now been addressed. ANY organization including main street verticals like FSI, Pharma, and Retail are now using open source for their primary publicly facing web experiences.
6) Leverage "free" open source for WCM pilots. Leverage this unique advantage open source provides around free pilots for developers to test drive the technology without a "paid POC".
7) Engage with the community for information and validation. Seek out the most vibrant open source community platforms.
8) Explore open source support options carefully. New business models and vendors have emerged to commercialize the software, inspire confidence, and ensure success.

We hope you find these results and recommendations thought provoking enough to read Forrester's full report entitled "Is it Time to Consider Open Source WCM for Digital Experience?" at

And if any of these points resonate, please take a moment to investigate Acquia's OpenWEM approach to delivering amazing digital experiences on the Open Web here.

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