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Student Training - Burlington, MA

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that I often am using this as a soapbox from which to announce Free Student Training. And so - I return again today to do more of the same.

But I'll start with a little philosophy and context here before I get to the meat of newest set of offerings.

Acquia's training efforts are focused on growing the Drupal community by ensuring more and more people know how to use Drupal to build the most exciting and compelling web experiences possible. We know that by exposing people to the power of Drupal, and getting them up to speed as easily and quickly as possible, we fulfill these goals. We also know that all of our 500+ partners are always looking for talent (as are we), so if we can train more students on Drupal and get them working in Drupal, we're opening up job opportunities for these students, and helping our partners find fantastic new developers, designers and project managers.

These courses are also open to US Veterans - if you're leaving the Services, and looking for new opportunity - we'd love to have you start your Drupal journey with us.

And now the details on the actual training:

When you go to sign up for these coures, you'll notice a few important details.

  1. These FREE courses cost $10 each. Wait wait, I know you're saying that "free /= $10" right? Well, you're right - but we've also found that "free = people don't show up". When we make you put in $10, you'll show up. And for that $10, you're getting $1,000 worth of training including tangible items like a printed manual and lunch each day. So consider the training as free, but you have to pay for lunch. :) Please note that if $10 actually will stop you from coming, let us know - we'll work something out.
  2. Please sign up for these courses with your .EDU email address - this way we can tell that you're actually a student. Our partners run a full course of paid training for those of you who aren't students. If you can't sign up with your .edu address, get in touch with us using the contact forms on our training pages and we'll sort you out. As noted for Vets, please send us a note with a brief history of your service after you register for the course.
  3. We'd like you to complete a pre-course survey to help us understand your current skills and make sure these classes are going to be the right fit for you. The link to this survey will be put into this blog post and into each course registration.

I'm also excited to announce that these courses will be taught by graduates of our Acquia U program. We are very excited to have them passing on the knowledge they've been gathering in the past 6 months, and see this kind of learn/teach loop as critical to our ongoing training efforts.

Finally - a little extra kicker - on that Friday, June 22 - there is a global Drupal learning effort spearheaded by the Drupal Association. Acquia will be participating in that by offering HelloDrupal in the afternoon (1-4 pm). This is a great course if you're just exploring Drupal and want to know more about what is possible using Drupal.


Posted on by Wayne Dennison.

After transitioning from a thankless job, I am learning Drupal....and I found THIS blog post for a free/$10 class!

Can't travel to Boston...Don't have a .edu account.

Go Figure!

Enjoy the class...paint me envious.

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