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Introducing Acquia Analytics and Lingotek Translation for Drupal Commons

We are pleased to introduce our latest release, Drupal Commons 3.5. This major release is focused on two key areas for offering a more comprehensive, integrated community to extend your reach across language barriers and track and optimize your community members and content:

1. Acquia Analytics: Add real time member tracking and analysis to your community to gain deeper insights into what’s happening, what’s working, what isn’t inside your community.

2. Translations by Lingotek inside Drupal Commons: Expands your communities reach into new global markets by harnessing the (silent) expertise already present through community translations.

After extensive research with existing and prospective customers, we learned they were most interested in closing the language gap, offering more granular business insights into what was happening in their online communities and then taking action to improve the engagement experience.

First, we now offer tight integration between Drupal Commons and Lingotek's Translation Management service which opens the lines of communication, empowering organizations to build global communities and maximize economies of scale. Community members can engage in any conversation, break down existing language barriers and improve response rates within support forums, while providing crowdsourced community moderation. The network effect on knowledge sharing becomes even more powerful as participation rates improve. Let's explore a few of the new use cases for global web experience management with Drupal Commons 3.5 and Lingotek.


Complete machine translated content in a wide variety of languages allows members to read not only posts and other content types in their native language, menu items and other administrator content is translated as well.


All the content types in Drupal Commons are translatable including Q&A questions shown here. This question is posed by Jeff in his native language, English, but can instantly be read by someone in their own native language to solicit a follow up answer.

photo 33

Here, Drew logs into the community moments later to find Jeff’s question available in Spanish. Drew can choose to author an answer to the question in Spanish and the community, including Jeff, will receive it moments later in English.

The integration between Drupal Commons and Lingotek Translation Management also provides a crowdsourced translation option to update and correct translations that could be altered and improved. This is a great fit for social community software as people are already naturally engaged to contribute to the community, crowd-sourced translation is just another way to participate.

photo 44

Here you can see the link at the top “Help make it better.” Once you click on that link, it takes you to the Lingotek Translation workflow module below.

photo 5

As you can see, this new interface allows the Drupal Commons community member an easy way to participate in updating or correcting existing translated content.

Acquia Analytics

The second major announcement as a part of the Drupal Commons 3.5 launch is the introduction of Acquia Analytics. Acquia Analytics provides a customizable business intelligence platform that provides organizations with critical community insights in real time. These insights offer digital enterprises the ability to better understand the makeup of their community, find commonalities among members, and more easily identify subject matter experts and brand advocates. Acquia Analytics also helps organizations understand what content is most popular and most effective, and what isn’t working to make incremental improvements that drive community participation.

Deep integration between Acquia Analytics and Drupal Commons 3.5 ensures that customers get up and running quickly and can take advantage of all the rich member metrics being passed from Commons to the Acquia Analytics engine. Let's look at a few of the Acquia Analytics capabilities now built into Commons 3.5.

photo 6

Here is the Metrics dashboard where a community manager or digital marketing leader can get an at a glance view of the key metrics they have defined in the community. You can also set the default timeframe of how you’d like to review the metrics in the community. The dashboard gives a community leader an overall health check and pulse on what’s been happening before they drill into specific metrics for further insight.

photo 7

The next step for a community manager could be to drill into some of those more interesting Drupal Commons specific metrics that they have defined as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the community. Here this community manager is creating a custom report to understand which community members have created new content in the last 30 days.

photo 8

Acquia Analytics has powerful reporting capabilities and deep insights at the user level not found in traditional Web Analytics products which focus on what happened, but not who did it. Here, this report gives the manager an easy way to search and group users that have executed a number of events, perhaps they would then be deemed super users or experts within this community.

photo 9

Community Managers also have the ability to drill into a particular member to uncover insights such as when were they last in the community, what site did they come from, and how often did they visit per day.

photo 10

Acquia Analytics also provides a live view into your community to understand in amazing detail around what’s happening now. This is yet another differentiator versus traditional Analytics tools. It offers a fine grain detail into which user took what action in Drupal Commons and even tracks and records the actions of anonymous users prior to authentication at which time they get identified by their email address. On the right hand side, you can see a rolling live tally of the top people, events, and properties within the community at that moment in time.

Feel free to download, test drive, and prototype your Commons 3.5 community on Acquia Cloud free tier today and visit the Commons documentation page to understand how to connect a free trial of Acquia Analytics or the Lingotek Translations Management service to your base Drupal Commons installation.

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