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Getting the drupal.org re-design implemented

For the last year the Drupal.org redesign has progressed quietly and steadily. Almost 200 people have participated in the redesign by commenting, discussing, reviewing, testing, designing, theming, or writing code to get it done. We have had 6 re-design sprints (2 in Europe and 4 in the US) and built significant infrastructure to get the redesign development and staging ready for the community to make the final push. We are now asking Drupal consulting shops to step forward and help us implement one section of the redesign.

Many of the most important features are already available such as search, or improvements to the project module. In order to get the redesign completed we've reviewed the design and identified the minimum viable product for drupal.org.

A minimum viable product for Drupal.org means deciding what are the most essential parts of drupal.org that will go live when the design is refreshed. It also means defining what will be finished off after the initial launch. The remaining features will be designed and prioritized based on feedback from people who visit the site.

To understand how we selected the minimum viable product it is important to revisit the intent of the redesign and understand the motivations of the people who use drupal.org. The most important motivations were:

  1. getting access to specific information
  2. monitoring issues
  3. continuing conversations

The minimum viable product must have the most important user journeys re-designed. For 'new users', they consider the movement from Home to About/Why Choose Drupal and/or or Get Started the most important user journey. So we must have those sections of the site done. For ‘existing’ users the primary user journeys are to specific content via search/search results and to monitor content/issues/discussions/news etc. In the redesigned site this navigation will be done via the dashboard. The dashboard must have this basic navigation for the minimum viable product. Currently, existing drupal.org users use bookmarks, and they use the URLs which they have memorized to navigate around drupal.org.

If you want to review the motivations for the minimum viable product please read the re-design post about new users and existing users, and insights into the drupal.org design strategies.

We also wanted to take a more analytic approach and review the most common paths. We turned to Google analytics and reviewed two reports, the Top Content Detail Path report and the top content detail navigation report. This gave us 50 paths to review to ensure the new site worked before we launched the redesign.

What needs to be done:

The design deliverables from Mark Boulton Design lists approximately 25 landing pages. Many of those pages are quite complex and need both custom programming, additional theming, and content. To help get these pages done, we've evaluated the complexity of these landing pages 1(easy) through 3 (complex).

We are also asking Drupal development firms to step forward and sponsor a page. For each page, we request that a rough evaluation be started by Dec 1st, and a goal of completion by Jan 15th.If you are interested in sponsoring a page, please contact us using the "Implement part of the drupal.org redesign" category.

We have two project managers who will be helping to coordinate the efforts. They are myself, and Lisa Rex. The project managers will work with the contributing development shops and the existing contributors to the redesign to help it be completed. We also will work with Dries to coordinate how drupal.org will evolve.

We have also recruited a new redesign infrastructure team that has been managing and updating our ten development and staging sites. We are still recruiting administrators for that effort and I'll blog more about the progress we are making soon.

Redesign page Effort Score Notes
Home page
3 Utility navigation which
is basically dashboard

Develop with Drupal section where do the links go: Current activity,

Dean and Kieran need to implement advertising block on the front page
of Drupal.org

Map on home page - Follow up with Dmitri connect to tweets or news
about what's going on

Druplicon stats seems to be working with dynamic number of users

[Secondary Tabs] - News, Doc Updates, Forums posts, Commits, More

3 Check with Neil Drumm
2 Theme planet Drupal
3 Conflict on getting
started page, same alias as Documentation main page

Getting started page has lots of search results. Are these implemented
as panels?

* Most popular modules

* Most popular Themes

* Translations

* Handbooks could be hard-coded

* Recent Books and resources is probably a rotating block

* Get support is just content

* Translations to other languages

* Requires dashboard, search with filters, Primary navigation, and
footer block

Get involved
Community and Support
3 * Tabs implemented in CSS

* How can add the How can we help you? is going to either be a block or

* Where is the Drupal community right column is just text

* Advertising block at the bottom

*  Recent activity block

* * Requires dashboard, search with filters, Primary navigation, and
footer block

* * mailing lists: Score 3

Community IRC
2 * CSS four tabs, Three column layout

* Docs home page, API do we link to other sites or is this landing page
a druplicate of those sites main pages.

* Mostly content in columns.

* Advertising block on bottom right

* Advertising books on bottom block

Documentation Index
2 * Three column layout

* Articles will be interesting

* Documentation API is just links, 2 column layout

Documentation API
1 * just text

* Recently updated, search result

Download & Extend
3 * Eight tabs and lots of search blocks and it's all
project module searches
Download & Extend: Core
3 * Developers for Drupal core
Download & Extend: Modules
3 * http://drupal.org/project/modules needs to be
improved. So we have to go look at search filtering and how to improve
Download & Extend: Module Example
3 Pretty significant reworking of a project module
interface and content

 * Groups out of questions

 * Community rating -- recommendations

Search results that are related

Activity graphing

Screenshots or carousel

Download & Extend: Themes
Search results
3 * Search filters need to get done. Talk to Apache gurus.

* Popular searches

* Need a search again block in right hand column, removed from main page

* Order by needs to be a drop down, not a block on the right

* Implement or filter for. Which means having more content types
defined by taxonomy.

Refine your search - Themes
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