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Free Drupal Training for Students

Acquia is pleased to announce three weeks of FREE Drupal training at our Burlington, MA headquarters. These weeks are September 26, November 14, and December 12 - with specific dates and times for courses below. The links for each course include basic information about what will be covered, prerequisites, and registration links.

FREE Attendance at these courses is limited to current students and job-seekers. Acquia partners may also send trainees, and should email or call their Acquia contact for more information. These events are part of our commitment to increase Drupal skills throughout the Drupal community.

We would appreciate YOUR help in letting the community know about these events - especially sending information out to connections you have at colleges/universities in the Boston area (students, professors, administrators).

I'm tweeting about these events, so if you want to do something easy to spread the word - please just re-tweet me.

For those people who are interested in Drupal training, but are NOT students, we have a full slate of other training events listed on our site which is always up-to-date.

For those who may be interested in learning more about Drupal, or are evaluating Drupal for use in a personal or professional project, we encourage you to attend one of our HelloDrupal! courses. These courses are open to anyone interested in attending.

Please direct any questions about the courses, registration or additional training opportunities with Acquia to training@acquia.com


Posted on by eludwig.

I've been getting many inquiries about training from people who are NOT students - people who are employed and want to further develop their skills, and people from companies with active Drupal projects who want to expand their teams.

So we've been working with our local training partners to ensure there is an active calendar of paid training events happening in and around Boston. This will make sure our student focused training events can stay student-focused, and that our partners can deliver the fantastic training they do using our material.

The upcoming Boston events on the calendar as of today (more will be added soon!) are:
* Drupal in a Day: http: //training.acquia.com/boston/2011-10-11/drupal-7-day
* Commons: http://training.acquia.com/burlington/2011-10- 18/drupal-commons-2-build-...
* Drupal Gardens: http://training.acquia.com/burlington/2011-10-19/drupal-gardens-d ay
* Theme Development: http://training.acquia.com/boston/2011-11-03/drupal-themin g-essentials-day
* Site Building: http://training.acquia.com/burlington/2011-11-09/sitebuilding- drupal-7
* Commons: http://training.acquia.com/boston/2011-12-01/drupa l-commons-2-build-soci...
* Drupal in a Day: http: //training.acquia.com/boston/2011-12-13/drupal-7-day

As always, our full list of training events is at http://training.acquia.com/ev ents

Posted on by Khaled AlHouran....

What about those who can't attend it on site? any chance for live stream? I think it'll be a big win-win.

Posted on by eludwig.

@Khaled - at this point we aren't doing a live stream of the training. Our training events are very hands on, and our instructors are teaching to a classroom of students (ie - walking around helping students with exercises and questions). The events are also 6-8 hours long. At this point, I'm not aware of a great solution to enable remote students to get the most out of such a teaching/learning environment. We are exploring various options to enable better remote learning, but at this point it's all about the in-person training. For other learning resources which may be of use to you please see http://training.acquia.com /resources

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