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Acquia UX and Design at BADCamp 2012

BADCamp is the Bay Area Drupal Camp, held in Berkeley, California Nov 1-6, 2012. This year, over 1600 people registered and there were 8 different summits over two days, loads of sessions in 5 tracks over two days, and then two days of sprints. It's pretty impressive that this is also the the world's largest free Drupal event!

Acquia UX team successes

The Acquia design team was was particularly well represented at BADCamp. Dharmesh Mistry and myself, Usability Specialists from Acquia (and members the Drupal UX team), were the co-organizers of the Drupal's very first UX/UI Summit on November 1, 2012. The Summit offered a series of workshops to educate the attendees on UX practices in Drupal. Kevin O'Leary, Senior Interaction Designer at Acquia, was also there to advocate for better interaction patterns in Drupal 8, along with showcasing and soliciting feedback for Drupal 8 designs. Acquia invested in our BADCamp time and travel; see acquia.com/drupalgive for more details.

Dharmesh and I also presented on how to conduct quick usability studies on a Drupal site and to evangelize UX in the community.

A special mention goes out to Drew Robertson, Senior Visual Designer, who designed a stellar 3-dimensional Acquia booth and the Bad Scan / Good Scan flier for Insight.

Drupal UX team successes

BADCamp 2012 was a huge success for the Drupal UX team. Dharmesh and I moderated usability sessions broadcast live with 8 participants (45 minute sessions each) on the Views UI module that is now in development in Drupal 8. After the study, we continued to collaborate with other Drupal UX members and the Views in Drupal Core team on how to resolve the usability issues in Drupal 8. As we move closer to the feature freeze date for Drupal 8, making this usability data available to the community is important, so we published Report from BADCamp 2012 Views Usability Testing.

Overall, the efforts of the Drupal UX team were well received and it is encouraging that the Drupal community is taking UX more seriously than ever before.

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